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6 Tips for Winter Thyroid Health

6 Tips for Winter Thyroid Health

So you keep hearing the word "thyroid conversion" these days…

But what does that mean? And how does that relate to winter?

The truth is, your thyroid hormone conversion is one of THE most important determining factors of your body's overall health.

That may surprise you. But after you read this, you'll understand why.

Over the last few years, research has come out indicating that your thyroid hormone conversion is actually connected to way more than we initially thought—including your energy levels, your sleep, your immune function, metabolism and more.

And your thyroid conversion is one of the biggest things YOU can influence, to change how your thyroid hormones interact with these other body systems.

How? By controlling what you put into your body and understanding the seasonal affects of thyroid function.

Especially during the winter months, exposure to cold can adversely affect thyroid hormone conversion. In the winter, fat metabolism also slows down due to low T3, which means T3 hormones work slower during colder months.

A quality diet and the right nutrients directly impacts thyroid hormone conversion, which happens primarily in the liver and the kidneys.

That's why I'm always recommending certain foods—along with a liver-boosting supplement like ThyroConvert, and a detox supporting supplement like HaloDetox.

So today, we're going to chat about 6 diet tips to help support winter thyroid heath and thyroid conversion for energy, metabolism, immune function, and focus.

3 things to try for winter thyroid function

✔️ Juicing! My favorite winter detox is a simple 5-Ingredient Ruby Red Detox Juice with beets, dandelion greens, apple, cucumber, lemon, and turmeric powder. Beets are vitamin-packed and may help activate liver enzymes and increase bile, helping detox function. They are also an excellent folate source, which is essential for methylation processes that impact thyroid function.

✔️ Minerals.Selenium is a powerful antioxidant that acts to repair and protect cells. Our ancestors got selenium in their diet from foods grown in nutrient-rich soil. It's concentrated in the thyroid gland where it helps to protect from free-radicals. The liver also requires selenium to convert thyroid hormones for healthy skin, metabolism, fatigue, immune function, and much more. The right kind of selenium is important.

How to supplement: ThyroConvert

✔️ Electrolytes. They're great for detoxing the body, helping your kidneys, and driving intracellular processes that help with thyroid conversion for energy, maintaining blood pressure, or even regenerating.

How to supplement: HaloDetox

3 foods to avoid for winter thyroid function

❌ Foods with added sugar. Consuming added sugar regularly can contribute to an imbalance of yeast and microbes in the gut. Leaky gut, Candida, SIBO can all impact nutrient absorption and may increase inflammation.

❌ Folic acid. Recent research shows that foods that have been" enriched" or "fortified" with Folic Acid may disrupt methylation. Folate is the natural B2 vitamin, but Folic Acid is the synthetic form. Methylation is an essential process for making and breaking down minerals. Check food labels, especially bread, cereal, rice, pasta, and other processed foods.

❌ Alcohol. In addition to liver damage, alcohol affects almost all aspects of the thyroid gland's functioning, including the suppression of both Free T3 and Free T4.

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