Does Salt Have Iodine?

Does Salt Have Iodine?

The Answer Might Surprise You

You probably have a box of iodized salt in your cupboard. Some refined table salt sold in the United States contain iodine so you might think that you don’t need iodine but nothing is further from the truth.

The History of Iodized Salt

It wasn't until the United States entered in World War I that the extent of goiter in the USA was realized. Upon examination of men, doctors discovered the incidence of goiter was as much as 30 percent. The highest occurrences came in areas of the country, like the upper Midwest, where crop soil was low in iodine (later called the “goiter belt”). As a result, the USA began adding iodine to table salt.

The Problem With Iodized Salt

Today, the vast majority of Americans get way too much sodium and in forms that don't contain any iodine. Excessive sodium intake is connected with a whole range of health problems, including heart attack, stroke, and high blood pressure. Cutting back on salt is good for overall health. Harvard Health recommends cutting back on salt and getting iodine from other sources instead. Iodized salt only provides a fraction of the daily iodine intake and in the form of potassium iodide which is a critical detail to understand.

Another problem with iodized salt is that it contains tons of synthetic chemicals, which are not healthy for the body. Back in the 1920s, salt was harvested from the sea. It naturally contained the trace mineral iodine. Today, iodized salt is no longer naturally harvested because it costs more money. It is cheaper to manufacture sodium using processed ingredients. Manufactured sodium contains approximately 97.5 percent sodium chloride, which is an unnatural chemical form of salt. This form of salt is used in processed foods. Various chemicals, such as aluminum, and other toxic ingredients are added to the sodium chloride to absorb moisture.

According to, only about 20% of the salt Americans eat contains iodine(1).

What People Don't Know About Iodized Salt

The iodine used in iodized salt is potassium iodide. This becomes important because while iodine is an essential mineral, potassium iodide is a man-made salt compound of iodine(2)

Potassium iodide is needed by the thyroid to create thyroid hormone. But the mineral form of iodine is vital for fertility, the health of the fetus, and the reproductive organs(3)†.

When looking for iodine the Iodine Protocol recommends a supplement like Thiodine which contains both iodine and iodine.†






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