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Unexpected Thyroid Weight-Loss Tips

Unexpected Thyroid Weight-Loss Tips

5 simple thyroid weight-loss tips to help you feel satisfied, more energy, and boost your metabolism

In a holistic approach to weight loss, the treatment goal is to restore balance to your body's natural capacity. That's why most diets, including calorie-cutting, high carb, and low carb, don't work long-term. It's like putting a band-aid on the problem.

The wrong diet can actually make thyroid and adrenal problems worse. Luckily, a few simple changes may help support your health and weight-loss goals, and you can start using them today:

1️⃣ Leave Feeling Satisfied. Eating a meal that's balanced with healthy protein, healthy fats, and plenty of vegetables will help you feel satisfied after a meal. That's feeling of fullness without being overfull is a key to weight loss success.

2️⃣ Eat Until You're 80% Full. Imagine loading up your plate with food, then remove 20%. Or eat until you feel about 80% full, then stop. Skip the drinks and water during mealtime so you can feel satisfied without feeling stuffed.

3️⃣ Snack For Stress. Adrenal burn-out is a common issue for people with thyroid problems. Eating a small snack that's high in protein and fat –like yummy, expensive cheese–may help stabilize your energy and adrenal stress levels.

4️⃣ Address Deficiencies. We're talking about vitamin and mineral deficiencies. There are also spiritual and emotional deficiencies like lack of hope, worthiness, or connection ⁠to others that affect our inner balance and joy.

5️⃣ Fire-Up Your Metabolism. Sometimes the solution is not what we add, but what we remove. Cleansing our body of halogens may have a powerful effect on our metabolism. Like opening the flood gate, our cells can function more optimally. Iodine is the only mineral that will remove halogens.

When you approach weight loss by starting with the root cause, your body has an incredible ability to take care of itself and restore balance.

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