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Boost Energy, Immunity & Metabolism 

Thiodine is the exclusive, all-natural iodine supplement for thyroid support and whole body detox. †



Boost Energy, Immunity & Metabolism 

Thiodine is the exclusive iodine supplement for thyroid support and whole body detox.†




Iodine is essential for every cell in your body. In fact, your body can't make single hormone without iodine. Unfortunatly as a result of exposure to toxic halogens, and lack of iodine in food and salt, many people don't get enough iodine.  If you're someone who struggles with fatigue, weight, hormones, low thyroid function, fibrocystic breast disease, ovarian cysts, thyroid goiter, enlarged prostate, leaky gut, cognitive function, hair loss, or lowered immunity, you may need to up your daily iodine intakeSourced from deep-earth iodine crystals and made in the USA, Thiodine offers the highest quality, USP Grade molecular iodine and potassium iodide supplement to support your health and wellness.




Thyroid Health


The thyroid gland requires iodine to make thyroid hormone and for optimal health. However, the thyroid is not able to dinstiguish the toxic halogens, bromine and chlorine over the good halogen, iodine. So the thyroid will use whatever halogen is readily available. Since bromine and chlorine are heavier than iodine on the periodic table, the body will choose these halogens first.

Toxic halogens may negatively impact your metabolism, endocrine health, and slow your thyroid function.

Peope are exposure to toxic halogens everywhere. Bromine is commonly used as a bread conditioner (potassium bromate), it's found in medications like inhalers, soft drinks like Mountain Dew, plastics, pesticides, and used in spas and pools. Bromine is the bully of the halogen family because it displaces iodine and wreaks havoc on your health. 

For these reasons, iodine intake is increasingly important both for detoxing halogens and supporting optimal health.




As reported by Thyroid.org and the WHO, iodine deficiency is the most common cause of goiter or thyroid enlargement. As the iodine levels in the body drop, hypothyroidism may develop. The thyroid requires iodine to make thyroid hormones, without enough iodine the body can't make thyroid hormones t4 and t3. The thyroid gland must work harder to compensate for the nutrient deficiency which causes the cells to grow and multiply, eventually leading to goiter.


Pregnancy and Breast Feeding


As explained by the CDC, iodine is vital for helping the body make thyroid hormones t4 and t3. The mother's thyroid hormones and iodine sufficiency have a direct affect on fetal growth and neuroligical development during and after pregancy. (1)

For women, a change in thyroid function may be more noticeable during or after pregnancy, as the baby's need for iodine creates a greater demand on the mother. 

Always consult a doctor about iodine supplementation and pregnancy.


Toxic Halogens Bromine, Chlorine, and Fluoride


Iodine is part of the halogen family along with bromine, chlorine, and fluoride. While iodine is a healthy halogen and required by every cell in your body, these other halogens can negatively impact health. For this reason, bromine, chlorine, and fluoride are considered toxic.

Scientific studies have found links between bromine, chlorine, and fluoride exposure and incidents of breast cancer, ovarian cysts, thyroid goiter, brain function, pineal gland calcification, gut health, and many other health issues. For these reasons, exposure to toxic halogens poses a series health threat which makes iodine even more essential for health. Iodine can detox halogens and may help restore optimal health.

Unlike other iodine products on the market which contain only potassium iodide in small amounts, Thiodine contains the two vital forms of iodine needed throughout the body and in powerful milligram amounts. 


Breast Health


Research shows that low levels of iodine and increased levels of bromine and chlorine can affect breast health.

Chlorine compounds in the breast tissue has been lined to breast cancer.  Women with breast cancer have 50% to 60% higher levels of chlorination byproducts in breast tissue. (2) Exposure to bromine and reduced dietary iodine intake have also been linked to increase in breast cancer. (3) 

Iodine deficiency is associated with fibrocystic breast disease which affects at least 50% of women in child-bearing age, and can be effectively treated or prevented with iodine supplementation. (3)

Chlorine, bromine, and fluoride are halogens which negatively impact health. T

Bromine Exposure

Bromine  is commonly used as a bread conditioner (potassium bromate), it's found in medications like inhalers, soft drinks like Mountain Dew, plastics, pesticides, and used in spas and pools. Bromine is the bully of the halogen family because it displaces iodine and wreaks havoc on your health. According to iodine expert, Dr. Jorge Flechas, at least 20% of patients admitted to hospitals for "acute paranoid schizephrenia" from 1920 to 1960, were the result of bromine toxicity. (4). 


Digestive Health


Chlorine is commonly used in pools, spas, and municiple water to kill bacteria (1) but also may affect the good bacteria in the digestive tract. Iodine helps to detox chlorine from your gut and restore healthy digestion.




Considered the "eye of the soul," the pineal gland plays a vital role in your sleep because it controls melatonin production. Melatonin maintains the body's natural sleep cycles called the circadian rhythm and helps protect the body from free radicals. (6)

Since the pineal gland receives a high volume of blood flow and fluoride can cross the blood-brain barrier, the pineal gland can be vulnerable to fluoride exposure. High levels of fluoride may cause calcification of the pineal gland and, as a result, impair melatonin production. 

The unique form of molecular iodine in Thiodine helps to detox fluoride from the pineal gland which may help restore melatonin production and support natural sleep cycles.


Halogen Detox


Thiodine helps remove toxic halogens bromine, chlorine, and fluoride so your body can function more optimally. When supplementing with iodine, some people may experience symptoms of halogen detox which can range from bromine rash, to brain fog and bloating. Other people never experience symptoms of detox. Below are some tips to help with detox:

Detox and Bloating

Thiodine does not cause weight gain. Should your body gain weight, it's from holding water to protect itself from the toxins. 

Thiodine 3-Step Detox 

The Thiodine 3-Step Detox was designed to help your body gently release toxins and ease possible symptoms of halogen detox. The first step in detox is clearing the detox pathways.

Day 1: Drink 3-4 glasses of lemon water to help cleanse the detox pathways in your body. 

Day 2: Take two small drops of Thiodine in the morning, added to non-citrus juice, coffee, or tea. Repeat. Increase Thiodine amounts as desired. 

Handling Detox Symptoms

Should you experience symptoms of halogen detox its most likely due to congestion in the detox pathways. This may be resolved in a few easy steps. Stop taking Thiodine. Driunk 6-8 ounces of lemon water daily until symptoms resolve.

Once symptoms have resolved, resume taking Thiodine. 

While detox may create some short term symptoms for some people, detoxing halogens is a vital part of restoring metabolism, thyroid, gut, and overall health.



What makes Thiodine different from other products?


There are several key differences between Thiodine and other iodine products from our exclusive source of iodine to superior manufacturing. 

Molecular Iodine vs. Potassium 

IodideIodine comes in two forms, molecular iodine and potassium iodide. In chemistry terms, molecular iodine is the "true" form of iodine. Whereas, potassium iodide is a man-made salt. 

Most iodine supplements, including Nascent Iodine, contain only potassium iodide and in small amounts. Molecular iodine is a rare mineral found deep in the earth which makes it difficult to source.However, your body needs both forms of iodine. 

That's why we made Thiodine. It's the all-in-one iodine formula offering both potassium iodide, and molecular iodine.High PotencyUnlike other iodine products which contain small microgram amounts of potassium iodide, Thiodine contains 7.5 MG of potassium iodide per serving, plus an additional 5 MG of molecular iodine. 

Premium Quality

From our iodine source to our manufacturing, we set the bar at the highest level of quality because we care about your health.That's why Thiodine is made from the highest quality, USP Grade, purest iodine in the world. USP means it's US Pharmacopeia grade, the highest standard in supplements and the only designation suitable for human use.Thiodine is sourced from deep-earth mines here and made in the USA. 

Thiodine is non-GMO, gluten-free, corn free, soy free, nut free, dairy free, contains no preservatives, and it's iodine allergy friendly*.cGMP ManufacturingWe've partnered with an FDA-certified supplement manufacturer in the USA to ensure our products are made under cGMP, which stands for current good manufacturing practices. cGMP means we care about quality control, testing, and safety in manufacturing because your health matters.  


When should I use Thiodine?


Thiodine may boost energy so it's preferable to use it in the morning. Thiodine should always be diluted. Never put Thiodine directly in your mouth or on skin.

Avoid mixing Thiodine with citrus or Vitamin C since the ascorbic acid may interfere with the iodine.


How much should I take?


The suggested serving size is 2 small drops in 8 ounces of non-citrus juice, coffee, or tea. Some people use more, others use less.  The amount of iodine varies by individual.

Can I take Thiodine with thyroid medications?


Thiodine is vital for helping thyroid hormone production and can be safely used in companion to thyroid medications. In some cases, your need for your need for thyroid medicine and supplements may change. 

We always recommend asking your doctor should you have any questions.


Is Thiodine suitable for dietary or iodine allergies?


Thiodine is friendly for all diet types including keto, paleo, and vegan because it has no wheat, gluten, dairy, corn, lactose, sucrose, dextrose, yeast, eggs, peanuts, animal products, GMO's, pesticides, harmful chemicals, artificial colors, preservatives, sweeteners of added sugar. Zero calories per serving.

Our unique formula is allergy-friendly any may be fine for those with iodine allergies. If you have any concerns we recommend asking your doctor.


Can I take Thiodine if I don't have a thyroid?


Yes, Thiodine offers many benefits for the entire body, not just the thyroid gland. 

The thyroid gland, skin, and hair all use potassium iodide. Breasts, ovaries, uterus, prostate, stomach, pancreas, brain, and lacrimal glands in the eyes all use the molecular form of iodine. Thiodine offers both forms of iodine for whole-body benefit.


Can I take iodine with Hashimoto's?


Many people with Hashimoto's have been that iodine is unsafe, but nothing is further from the truth. When used in the right way, iodine may be highly beneficial for people with Hashimoto's. 

Many patients who followed a popular iodine protocol significantly reduced thyroid antibodies with iodine supplementation when used with a high quality, whole food selenium supplement. Selenium helps protect the thyroid which means it can be especially important for people with Hashimoto's. 

Selenium supplementation is a prerequisite in patients with elevated anti-thyroid antibody levels and Hashimoto's thyroiditis. (5) A physiological dose of 200 mcg-400 mcg sselenium in the form of seleno-methionine is recommended by proponets of iodine supplementation. 

We always recommend talking with a doctor who has experience with iodine and selenium.


What are the ingredients?


Thiodine contains potassium iodide, molecular iodine, and distilled water. The suggested serving is 2 small drops, each servings contains approxiamately 7.5 MG of potassium iodide and 5 MG of molecular iodine, for a total of approxiamately 12.5 MG of iodine per serving. Each 1 oz bottle contains approximately 300 servings and lasts anywhere from 4-10 months or longer depending on use. To dispense, hold the dropper straight down, not at an angle. 

Thiodine comes from earth mined iodine crytals in the USA. Our exclusive source of iodine is the highest quality, potency and purity in a USP grade supplement.


Do I get enough iodine from salt?


In short, no. Most salt is not iodized. If salt has been iodized, much of the iodine is gone by the time the salt makes it to your home. 

If salt has been iodized, it contains only potassium iodide. Iodized salt does not contain molecular iodine which is an essential form of earth-sourced iodine. For these reasons, salt is not a reliable source of iodine.


The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated statements made on this website. Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Information provided by this website or this company is not a substitute for individual medical advice. Caution: Do not exceed the recommended dose. Pregnant or nursing mothers, children under the age of 18, and individuals with a known medical condition should consult a physician before taking any dietary supplement. Do not use if safety seal is damaged or missing from any product. Keep out of reach of children.

1. https://www.cdc.gov/breastfeeding/breastfeeding-special-circumstances/diet-and-micronutrients/iodine.html

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