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Thiodine Lugol's Iodine Supplement - 12.5 MG Lugol's 5% - Miss Lizzy Thyroid Health

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Thiodine Total Iodine & Iodide Complex with Exclusive USP Grade Lugol's 5% Liquid

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  • Mineral-rich, earth-sourced Iodine supplement that provides both Potassium Iodide and Molecular Iodine in a perfectly formulated ratio for uptake in different cells.†

  • Since 1829, Strong Iodine Solution also called Lugol's Iodine, has been safely and effectively used by doctors to help people with Hashimoto's thyroiditis, Thyroid Problems, Graves, low thyroid function, or no thyroid.†

  • Promotes thyroid function and may help support energy levels, immune defense, focus, and calorie-burning. 
  • Delivers Molecular Iodine an NIS-independent manner and may promote healthy breast tissue, ovaries, prostate, brain, pancreas, and pineal gland.†

  • Enhances cellular-level detox of halogens and percolates that may block thyroid function, and may help restore healthy iodine levels throughout the body.†

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Lugol's Iodine 5% Supplement liquid, USP GRADE

  • 300 servings per bottle, 12.5 MG per serving.
  • Iodine allergy friendly formula
  • No shellfish or kelp
  • 7,000x more iodine*
  • Earth-mined iodine crystals from an ancient saltwater estuary
  • 100% Sustainably-source and Made in the USA under cGMP


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Miss Lizzy created this whole-body iodine supplement in a formula and potency like you've never experienced before. We've paired rare earth-sourced molecular iodine and nutrient-rich potassium iodide in an ideal ratio to support thyroid function for energy†, metabolism†, immune function†, and more.

Energy & Metabolism†

Memory, IQ & Brain Function†

First 1000 Days†

Immune Support†

Shiny, Healthy-Looking Hair†

Natural Thyroid Support†



Potassium Iodide (KI)

Iodide concentrates in the thyroid and is functionally involved in trillions of processes throughout the body including basal metabolism, ovulation, and immune function†. Considered an essential mineral for human health, iodide travels to the NIS-rich tissues in the thyroid gland, cervix, ovaries, placenta, eyes, skin, and lactating breasts.(7)

Molecular Iodine (I2)

The earth-sourced mineral Molecular Iodine reaches tissues in the breasts, prostate, tumor sites, and cystic areas that can't be reached as easily by potassium iodide. Molecular iodine acts at a mitochondrial level, as an antioxidant, and studies show it may attenuate benign and cancerous growths (8). 

Nutrition Information

Suggested Use: As a dietary supplement, take two (2) small dropsdaily in 8 oz of liquid (coffee, tea, or water), or as directed by a healthcare professional.




2 Small Drops


Potassium Iodide: 7.5 MG

Molecular Iodine: 5 MG

Total Iodine: 12.5 MG

Other Ingredients: Distilled water

8333% of Daily Value based on a 2,000 calorie diet.


THYROID AND ADRENAL starter bundle†


1. Prime & Convert

ThyroConvert is formulated to help support the thyroid gland during thyroid conversion and protect from oxidative damage for improved focus, and energy.†

2. Fuel

Thiodine provides fuel for the thyroid gland to help make thyroid hormones, and detox bromine and fluoride for improved thyroid function and metabolism.†

3. Detox

HaloDetox is formulated to help support halide detox, restore electrolytes, and support adrenal function for immune strength, focus, and energy.* 



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Premium Certified, USP Grade, 99.8% Pure

Made under Strict cGMP

Sustainably-Sourced in the USA

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