Miss Lizzy

Welcome. I'm Lizzy, the founder of Miss Lizzy Thyroid Support®.

If I've learned anything from the undiagnosed thyroid issues that were ruining my family, my life, and my work, it's this:

The fatigue, suffering, overwhelm, and feelings of unworthiness are all fixable!

People don't need to live this way, but they do need answers. That's why I created Miss Lizzy Thyroid Support to help educate others so you can access the best version of you.

Back when I was struggling to find answers, I lived in that worn-down, overweight, low-energy, cold, foggy, state of heaviness that can only be understood by someone with thyroid issues.

As a mom, I felt guilty that I couldn't keep up with my kids or keep a tidy home. Most weekends, I could barely get myself off the sofa. Small chores like dishes or grocery shopping, took all my energy.

At work, I would dread the afternoons, knowing my energy would crash at 3 pm. Like a walking zombie, I dragged my tired body through the day, only to find myself lying awake a night, exhausted, full of anxiety, yet unable to sleep.

Some days, my brain felt so foggy, even making simple decisions like what should we have for dinner seemed impossible.

After years of hearing doctors say that I didn't have a thyroid issue, my lab results were "normal," and even one doctor who suggested I need therapy, not medicine, I felt discouraged and hopeless. Why would no one listen to me?

I felt ashamed of my weight, watching the scale creep higher, even though I ate healthy and tried to exercise.

Doctors said the answer was to "eat less and exercise more," which made me feel embarrassed and lazy — even unlovable.

Anyone who has suffered from thyroid issues, whether undiagnosed, undertreated, or on the wrong medicine, knows the shame, guilt, and unworthiness of living in a body that isn't working, and no one understands.

After seeing thousands of people suffering needlessly, just like I did, I knew there had to be a better way to live. That's my mission and why I started Miss Lizzy.

If my story sounds familiar, my heart goes out to you. I understand how hard it can be but I am here to help. It's my mission to support you, provide insights, education, and all the tools I collected on my path to wellness. Let's do this together!

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