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Thyroid and Adrenal Support Starter Bundle

Thiodine Total Iodine Complex, Iodine & Iodide Liquid

Thyroconvert Thyroid T4 to T3 Booster, Capsule

Halodetox Thyroid Detox Powder & Adrenal Booster

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Improve Body Temperature


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Custom Formulated Blend of 3 Top-Rated Minerals

Promotes T4 Thyroid Hormone Conversion

Supports Energy, Focus, and Metabolism

Whole-food, Organically Sourced

Vegan-friendly, Veggie Capsule


Key Ingredients

Whole-Food, Selenium Enriched Yeast





Exclusive Iodine Complex with High Potency

Promotes Thyroid Hormone Production And Detox

Enhances Memory, Focus, And Brain Function

Supports Metabolism And Energy

Pure, Distilled Water (no alcohol or glycerin)


Key Ingredients

Potassium Iodide (KI)

Molecular Iodine (I2)


Pristine Quick-Dissolve Salt Powder

Promotes Thyroid Detox and Cellular Hydration

Supports Adrenal Health For Increased Energy

Supports Focus And Helps Reduce Cravings

No Fillers, Additives, or Conditioners


Key Ingredients

Sodium Chloride

Trace Minerals

Made In The USA

Science Backed

No Artificial Flavors

Clean Ingredients


Your Ultimate Thyroid Support System

Combining Best-In-Class Products With A Proven Strategy So You Get Results

What Is The Thermongenic Method?

The Thermogenic Method is a counterintuitive approach to improving your thyroid health.

This is done through implementing a proven 3-step process created by Miss Lizzy to maximize thyroid performance and help regulate body temperature for optimal energy, metabolism, and focus.

The 3 step process includes:
1. Supplements
2. Strategy (Lessons, Tracking, Group Support)
3. Commitment

What This Means For You

When you purchase Miss Lizzy Supplements today, you'll be automatically enrolled into the Thermogenic Method lessons and support group, Thyroid Power Gang.

In this growing group of 10,000+ women, you'll be met with video lessons from Miss Lizzy on how to take the supplements to be most effective, how to track your body temperature, and be able to access the community support group with every current customer along with Miss Lizzy and her team.

This is your chance to start a new journey towards healing and restoration, just like thousands of other women have already experienced.



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Ultimate Thyroid and Adrenal Support Starter Bundle

What's Included:

Your Recommended Supplement Bundle

Instant Access to The Thermogenic Method with Miss Lizzy

Instant Access To Thyroid Power Gang Community

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Premium Grade

Made Under Strict CGMP


The #1 Choice
For Thyroid Support

See Why 27,000+ Customers Are Choosing Miss Lizzy To Help Improve Their Thyroid Health

I love these products!

"My temperature is starting to come up and I really like the Thiodine. I'm seeing progress and am very pleased with everything. Thank you Miss Lizzy!!"

- Cathy H.

The only thing that has worked so far!!!

"I have had low body temperature for as long as I can remember. I have been taking these supplements for almost 7 weeks now and feel so much better!! When I reviewed the initial symptoms, I had 13 out of 15 and was sick and tired of being sick and tired. I figured this couldn't hurt to try. I'm so glad I did. Thank you Miss Lizzy and the gang!! It's been a game changer."

- KJ

Would definitely recommend her products and coaching!

"I started using Miss Lizzy supplements about 4 weeks ago. It's still early but I am starting to see an improvement in my morning temperature and daily energy levels and mood. The supportive community and weekly training calls are so helpful!

- Shannon J.