The Secret to Iodine and Hashimoto's

Let's address the elephant in the room.

What most people have heard about Iodine 

and Hashimoto's is inaccurate. 

Iodine is vital for everyone, including people with Hashimoto's. 

It's true!

The secret is knowing how to use iodine the right way.

Learn how people with Hashimoto's have safely and successfully used iodine, naturally reduced antibodies, and boosted thyroid function†. 

1. Understand the root issue

When the body creates and converts thyroid hormones, it also creates free radicals, causing oxidative stress and inflammation. That's the real risk for Hashimoto's, not the Iodine itself. Our bodies require Iodine, so we need to support inflammation the right way. (1)

2. Support Inflammation

It's pretty simple. We need to support oxidative stress and to help reduce inflammation. That's where selenomethionine comes in. When the thyroid has adequate selenium levels and the right kind of selenium, it can better handle the conversion process with less risk of a flare. (2) 

3. Supplement with Iodine

It's true! Tens of thousands of customers, including people with Hashimoto's, have successfully used iodine. As you can see, the secret is using iodine in the right way while supporting inflammation. 

4. Putting it all together with Iodine

Experts suggest starting selenium up to two months before adding iodine. Some patients feel it's best to go "low and slow" with iodine, while others jump in with higher amounts. Everyone is different that way, and the reason we always suggest working with medical practitioner.

5. Detox the Thyroid

The last secret to using Iodine successfully with Hashimoto's is helping the thyroid detox. Like a filter that gets clogged, the thyroid cells can fill with fluoride and bromine. These are thyroid-blocking halogens that can suppress thyroid function. For the thyroid to work more optimally, the final step is supporting detox.

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Miss Lizzy

Founder, Wife, Mom, Patient, & Advocate

Thyrofuel Supplement System

Introducing Thyrofuel by Miss Lizzy. It's the supplement system for a healthy thyroid, including people with Hashimoto's.†



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